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O ur events Security personnel are well-trained, highly professional and responsible for the safety of spectators and participants in the sports, leisure and entertainment industries. Events security by licensed door Supervisors is available for all occassions at short notice.

Professional Event Security and SIA Licensed Door Supervisors will be send to cover your function at competitive rates.



Development of innovative systems, integration of technology and introduction of new service solutions in securing your business.

We understand the importance in retail security of balancing essential security needs with the highest levels of customer care and staff protection, providing a secure and friendly shopping experience for the public. Our highly trained security Officers have many years of experience in retail security and will assist the growth of your business by protecting it.

Our retail security Officers will help with:

Theft prevention

Help and assistance to shoppers

Civil arrest procedures and police liaison

Crowd control

First aid and fire safety

Confrontation management



A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location.

Our Security Guards at Madden Security Services will protect your property and assets from theft and vandalism. When deciding on the security provisions for your premises, consider safety by means of a Security Guard. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security.

Madden Security Services provides warehouse security services to suite you. When it comes to protecting your warehouse, Madden security officers are among the best.




Madsec Security Services is your perfect subcontract partner for work you are unable to cover. We have a database of highly trained Security Officers in and around all the major  UK and Welsh cities.You’ll get SITO trained subcontract security guards sent anywhere.

Our uniforms are plain but smart, with no advertising on and we can negotiate with the clients as to what uniform our guards should wear. Our realistic pricing structure results in customers being charged reasonable rates and receiving a first class level of service.

We have provided security officers to council schools, NHS Hospitals, multistory car parks, Office blocks etc

We are a unique security officer recruitment and security guard company which also provides subcontract guard services. Screening of applicants for security officer positions goes beyond BS 7858 and the candidates are trained to SITO City and Guilds Part 1 through an accredited City of London training facility.

We have highly trained Security Officers who will provide precisely the right personnel skills to match the security needs of each individual business.

Our subcontract guards are available on a short term or long term contract at competitive rates. We have officers up and down the UK and Wales. We have testimonials from Managers of Major Security companies on how good our Officers are.



The construction industry suffers enormous losses as a result of theft of plant and materials and damage by site fires. It is estimated that between £600 million and £1 billion were lost because of plant theft alone from construction sites across the UK last year. More than 24,000 items of mobile plant were stolen with only between five and 10 per cent recovered. A large proportion of these loses can be attributed to inefficient or even non-existent construction site security.

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Constant staff turnover means it is difficult to keep good construction site security records – and the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for successful thieves.

Madsec Security Services will provide construction site security to your site using licensed SIA trained guards at competitive rates. We understand that every client has unique security concerns and thats why our experts will work closely with you to pinpoint security risks, set your program goals and help you understand the variety of security solutions available. Based on this intensive assessment process, our experts will design a security solution for your needs and budget.



Madsec Security Services provides fully trained unarmed security Guards to maintain secure environments for your company and your employees. Running an office building brings many important responsibilities. One of the most important is proper security management. Office building security is necessary in order to keep employees and their belongings safe. Trained security guards will greatly reduce, if not stop, vehicle break-ins and automotive theft.

Office buildings are prime targets for vandalism and break-ins. Businesses with offices in an office building are subject to equipment theft, and vandalism is always a problem that must be dealt with. Madsec Security Services will provide professional office building security management to make sure your building is not the next to be burgled.

Our security guards will guard against vehicle break-ins and personal attacks. Vehicles sitting in an unattended parking lot are subject to theft, and employees walking to their cars on a dark evening can be at risk of being attacked and mugged. Having a uniformed visible security officer presence will make sure that your office building is safe, and keep employees feeling secure and protected.

In addition to the security guarding services, our highly trained officers can help maintain the highest level of security within your company and provide reception cover. Madden Security Services officers professionally handle sensitive data, whether it is private client information, or confidential corporate documents.

Our security guards will ensure that your office building will not be a target to thieves and vandals. Businesses will feel safe in knowing that their expensive equipment will not be stolen overnight. Their employees will feel the safety and security of being able to leave work late in the evening and not fear an attack as they walk to their vehicles. Madden Security Services officers will keep your office building safe.

Contact us today For a FREE on-site Security Consultation.

We have supplied security guards to major car parks, We offer car park security cover for show grounds sports halls and special events as well as your place of business. When you engage our security officers they will patrol your grounds and keep a diligent eye on you and your customers vehicles. This will ensure the security of you and your customers vehicles With the added knowledge that your welfare while going to and from your car is also being taken care of.

Our Officers are trained to deal with members of the public and are friendly and helpful.


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